Welcome to my Harry Potter page!

Welcome to my Harry Potter page!
There are the characters of Harry Potter films.

Harry Potter
Daniel Radcliffe
Ronald Weasley
Rupert Michael Grint
He was born at: 24th August 1988
Hometown: Oxford
He's got a brother, and three sisters.
(James), (Samantha, Charlotte, Georgina)
Rupert's Girlfriend: Victoria (Her image in my Photo Gallery)
Rupert plays on the guitar.
His favourite movie is: Shrek
His favourite actor is: Jim Carey
He likes play football, playing computer games, to swim.
His favourite subjet is: chemistry.

He knews Emma Watson when they didn't play in the Harry Potter films yet.

Hermione Granger
Emma Charlotte Duerr-Watson
She was born at: 15th April 1990
Hometown: Oxford
Nicknames: Em, Ems, Emsy (Melinda's favourite Emma's nick.)
Emma's Boyfriend: Tom Felton
She has got a brother.
(Alex, he is 10 years old.)
Her favourite singers: Samantha Mumba, Brian Adams, Jennifer Lopez
Draco Malfoy
Thomas Andrew Felton
He was born at: 22nd September 1987
Hometown: Surrey
He has got three siblings. (They are 19, 22 and 23 years old.)
Thomas likes playing football, swimming, tennis and singing.
He is a talented singer.
Tom has been acting since he was eight years old.

Tom Felton's Films:
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - 2004 (Draco Malfoy)
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - 2002 (Draco Malfoy)
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - 2001 (Draco Malfoy)
Second Sight II - 2000 (Thomas Ingham)
Anna and the King - 1999 (Louis)
Second Sight - 1999 (Thomas Ingham)
The Borrowers - 1997 (Peagreen Clock)

Snape prof.
Alan Rickman
He was born at: 21st February 1946

His Films:
The Janjuary Man - 1989
Close my Eyes - 1991
Bob Roberts - 1992
Mesmer - 1994
An awfully big Adventure - 1995
The winter Guest - 1996 (Director)
Dark Harobor - 1999
Dogma - 1999
Help, I'm a fish - 2000
Blow Dry - 2001
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - 2001
Standing Room Only - 2002
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - 2002
Love actually - 2003
Lucius Malfoy
Jason Isaacs
He was born at 6th June 1963
Jason has three brothers.
His wife: Emma Hewitt (documentary producer)
They have a baby daughter Lily.
Lily was born at 23rd, March 2002

Gilderoy Lockhart
Kenneth Charles Branagh
He was born at: 10th December 1960
Hometown: Belfast
He has got a brother and a sister.
(William) (Joyce)

His Films:
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - 2002
(Gilderoy Lochklart)
Rabbit - Proof Fence - 2002
(A. O. Neville)
Shackleton - 2002
(Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton)
Alien Love Triangle - 2001
(Steven Chesterman)
How to kill your neighbor's Dog - 2000
(Peter McGowan)
Hagrid Rubeus
Robbie Coltrane
He was born at: 30th, March 1950
Hometown: Rutherglen

Albus Dumbledore prof.
Richard Harris
He was born at: 1st, October 1930
Hometown: Ireland
He died at: 25th, October 2002

His Films:
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - 2002
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - 2001
To Walk with Lions - 1999
Smilla's Sense of Snow - 1997
A man called Horse - 1970
Vernon, Petunia, Dudley ... etc ...
Vernon Dursley - Richard Giffiths
Petunia Dursley - Fiona Shaw
Dudley Dursley - Harry Melling
Harry Potter - Macaulay Culkin, David Holmes, Daniel Radcliffe
Tom Marvolo Riddle - Christian Coulson
Albus Dumbledore - Michael Gambon
Lord Voldemort - Richard Bremmer
Arthur Weasley - Mark Williams
Molly Weasley - Julie Walters
Madame Hooch - Zoe Wannamaker
Justin Finch Fletchley - Edward Randell
Vincent Crabbe - James Waylett
Gregory Goyle - Joshua Herdman
Bletchley - Jamie Yeates
Sirius Black - Gary Oldman
Fred Weasley - James Phelps
George Weasley - Oliver Phelps
Professor Quirrell - Ian Hart
Gringotts Goblin - Mike Edmonds
Ginny Weasley - Bonnie Wright
The Fat Friar - Simon Fisher- Becker
Peter Pettigrew - Timothy Spall
Nearly - Headless Nick - John Cleese
Oliver Wood - Sean Biggerstaff
Professor Filius Flitwick - Warwick Davis
Katie Bell - Emily Dale
The Sorting Hat - Leslie Phillips
Professor Sprout - Miriam Margolyes
Lee Jordan - Luke Youngblood
Penelope Clearwater - Gemma Padley
Madam Irma Pince - Sally Mortemore
Dean Thomas - Alfie Enoch
The Bloody Barron - Terence Baylor
Percy Weasley - Chris Rankin
Professor Armando Dippet - Alfred Burke
Angelina Johnson - Danielle Tabor
Alicia Spinnet - Leila Sutherland
Colin Creevey - Hugh Mitchell
Seamus Finnigan - Devon Murray
Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic - Robert Hardy
Professor Mc Gonagall - Dame Maggie Smith
Aragog ( voice ) - Julian Glover
Griphook - Verne Troyer
Mr. Borgin - Edward Tudor Pole
Peeves, the Poltergeist - Rik Mayall
Argus Filch - David Bradley
Mr. Ollivander - John Hurt
Dobby, the house elf - Toby Jones
Marcus Flint - Will Theakston
Millicent Bulstrode - Helen Stuart
The Grey Lady - Nina Young
Rusty Goffe - Gringotts Goblin
Pansy Parkison - Katherine Nicholson
Neville Longbottom - Matthew Lewis
Hedwig - Ook, the white owl
Moaning Myrtle - Shirley Henderson
Cho Chang -

Directed by Chris Columbus and Alfonso Curaon
Producers: Mark Radcliffe (Who's Daniel Radcliffe's uncle) David Heyman, Michael Barnathan, David Barron, Duncan Henderson
Music by John Williams
Photographs by John Seale, Roger Pratt
Script by Steve Kloves
Composed by John Williams
Joss Gower by stunts for Voldemort
Kheo Kypri by stunts for Voldemort
Gregory Powell by stunts coordinator
Make up by Paul Spateri

Hogwarts - Gloucester Cathedral
Quidditch - Windsor

(c) By Warner Bros. 2004