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What's the news of Harry Potter Film?
2003 of February

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban started to filming.

What's the news of Daniel Radcliffe?
2003 of February
He digs older women:

'Yeah! I like the older women. I'm in Love with Kristen Dunts (Who's 20) and Cameron Diaz.' (Who's 31) - said Radcliffe in an interwiev.

2003 of March
He wanted to play Gilderoy Lochkart in the movie:

'I wanted to play Lochkart in the movie. Why? He is a showoff but also he is a coward. He would be really funny to play.' - said Daniel.

2003 of April
He is growing out role of Potter:

'I'm growing out role of Harry. I am too old.' - said Radcliffe.

2003 of December
Camden Market and Tower of London are Dan's favourite places in London.

2004 of January
Daniel Radcliffe's New Year's Resolution:
'I really want to learn how to cook' - said Daniel.

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